Information platform on hydrological extreme events (floods, low flow)


For a supraregional view on the large rivers Elbe, Oder, Rhine, Weser, Ems and Danube, the information platform Undine presents concise descriptions of current and historical hydrological extreme events (flood, low flow), recent measurements as well as historical values for comparison and refers to a variety of information sources. One focal point is the representation of the water quality during extreme events.

selection of river basins - map

Information from the fields of hydrometeorology, quantitative and qualitative hydrology are linked and presented across regions. By comparison with historical events or long-term characteristic values, current flood or low flow events can be better classified and assessed.

Development and maintenance of the Undine information platform are carried out by the Federal Institute of Hydrology and are funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety under the "Measurement program for monitoring the water quality of cross-border rivers and coastal waters".

You can select a river basin (Rhine, Ems, Weser, Elbe, Oder, Danube) by using the map or click in the top menu bar.

Undine - mythology, art and literature


An Undine [lat. unda = "wave"] is in the mythology a female virgin water spirit (or nymph, mermaid). With the romantic fairytale Undine, Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué (1811) has created a literary monument for her. E.T.A Hoffmann, A. Lortzing, A. Dvořák, J. Giraudoux as well as H.W. Henze transferred the Undine myth on stage. In the contemporary literature I. Bachmann with her short story "Undine leaves" is inspired by the Undine character.
As connection between the water world and the human world Undine is name patron for this information platform for hydrological extreme events.